Weight Gain For Women

Weight gain for women

Ever wondered what is the best method of weight gain for women? Fortunately, there is a healthy way to do it and one that you would truly love. These are the combinations of simple eating pattern, eating certain food items and a positive concept will truly give you the weight you desired. First of all, you should learn the basics on how to truly gain weight.

To achieve weight gain for women, you will need to take in more calories than you burn. If you are not familiar with BMR or basal metabolic rate, then this is actually a thing that keeps you burning calories. The higher the metabolic characteristic, the higher you use energy and thus a person stays thin. Most women who have skinny appearance may have hyper metabolic rate. Some experts believe that you should eat an extra of about 2000 or more calories a day for you to be able to store it. An accumulation of excess calories will increase your weight and broaden your body shape. This is why you need to eat more healthy and at the same time high calorie content foods.

The “healthy” part of the food choice simply means getting the calories in a good source that is not harmful to the body. Did you know that drinking too much beer bloats your body appearance? You wouldn’t want that way of weight gain for it may give you other side effects. This goes the same with high fat content foods. Too much fat may put you at risk for heart and cardiovascular diseases. Additives and other preservatives are good in increasing weight gain for women but may not be that healthy as well. All these are just a few reasons why healthy food items are the best choice in gaining weight.

Now to get on with the specific foods, you will have to eat 50 percent protein 40 percent carbohydrates and around 10 percent fat. This can be taken from various food items like lean protein source coming from poultry, meats, fish and dairy products while carbohydrates may be taken from whole grains, bread, rice and cereals. Healthy fat source can be olive oils, peanuts and fish oil. These are just a short list of everything so start discovering more.
As you’ve noticed the higher percentage of protein, most women fail to eat good protein source. Most women don’t like meat. Meat is simply not their thing. That is why we have some products like protein powders and protein shakes to aid these women’s needs.

Of course, to maximize weight gain for women, you will have to eat at a regular pattern. Never skip meals and don’t forget to take your snacks. Maintain a positive outlook and start today. You’ll see results as soon as two weeks.